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Social media marketing has made a tremendous impact on digital marketing in the last few years. When you have the right channels, and the right messages, your brand establishes credibility and client loyalty.

We create Facebook campaigns for lead generation. Social media marketing has made a tremendous impact on digital marketing in the last few years. When you have the right channels, and the right messages, your brand establishes credibility and client loyalty.

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Strategic social media marketing is built on the belief that your content should not be overly sales-focused. While it is essential to promote your products and services, engaging your audience with interactive content and community building activities can better develop new brand loyalists. Once your brand has a foundation of trust, you will then be able to reap the rewards through revenue generation, whether your goal is to push traffic to an e-commerce website or to collect viable leads.

When it comes to marketing your brand through major social channels, Affridemedia compared to other social media marketing companies will execute a strategy tailored to your goals.

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SEO Brand manages the following platforms for your business:








And more

First, you will be assigned to an experienced Social Media Consultant who will be your designated point of contact. Your team consists of SEO experts, a copywriter, and a graphic designer. Each member of your team is trained in social media marketing, and will extensively research your industry at the start of your services.

Next, we conduct a social media audit and competitive analysis on your current accounts. We discuss where you excel, where you fall short, and what opportunities you’re not taking advantage of. Identifying popular communities within your industry, as well as keywords and topics, will help us understand what type of content will get the most attention.

SEO Brand custom strategies give you realistic options, so you’re only posting on the platforms you need. Want to look into shopping widgets and other applications? We’re great at assessing what will work for your social media pages.

Whether you need new accounts or want to revamp old ones, SEO Brand ensures that everything is taken care of. Set up the right foundation from the start with:

  • Profiles that are SEO-optimized with your keywords
  • Custom URLs and usernames
  • Website, location, and business hours
  • Profile and cover photos

As a social media marketing agency, we will develop an organized calendar to map out all of our creatives for the month. This will be a mixture of promotional and branded content that is geared to your target audience. Your company’s voice will be reflected in what we create.

Posts can include anything from short articles, original images, inspiring quotes, infographics, product photos, “behind-the-scenes” shots, industry news, tips and advice, company news, testimonials, flash sales, and contests that will keep their attention!

Improve your online reputation with social media management. Our services help you see where people are talking about your brand, and in what context. SEO Brand will engage in a proactive way by responding to both positive and negative mentions of your brand. Not only that, we create non-competitive partnerships within your industry to amplify your marketing and double your audience.

With all of the digital tools available now, it may be difficult to know which numbers matter and which ones don’t. SEO Brand can help navigate and interpret any data that comes in. We don’t just monitor all the numbers – we monitor the right numbers. This allows us to truly track the performance that matters.

Being able to distinguish the difference between social media and traditional advertising is key. We create strategies that build conversations with your customers so that when they are in the market, they think of you.

  • Forming the strategy. Our team first learns about the client’s needs and who their customer base is. Doing so will help identify the social networks most important to your business.
  • Content and promotion strategy. We create a plan for creating content and publishing across your accounts so we can hit the ground running. Engaging content will encourage your customers to make purchases and also share their experiences with their friends.
  • Building your influence. As your following increases, so does your social influence and authority. The more engaging content you create, the more influential you become.

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