Fully managed affiliate marketing services

ROI based marketing is Dead.

Affiliate Marketing is the most profitable channel at the moment for many businesses. Because, it’s not ROI dependent, it’s not capped by your marketing budget, it doesn’t require anything other than a good converting product. A typical client at MonsterClaw makes around $10,000 to $30,000 a month by paying approx. 10% to 50% commission afterward (depends on the niche)


Setting up affiliate can be very daunting. There is so many things that you need to decide. If you are confused about anything related to affiliate setup & configuration, you can schedule a free 30 minute call with us.

We can guide you on things like:


There are more than 100 affiliate marketplaces, over 50+ softwares, several different affiliate models, so many payment points, tire setup, fraud management and more. So many good company often fail on setting this up properly as they use formula.

Example a e-com product can do nice on share-a-sale, where a software won’t do good there. Vice versa a software will do awesome on Jvzoo, where a e-com will not.

Service will do nice on Pay Per Leads, where most of the company thinks commission on sale will do better.

There is so many decisions you have to make perfectly in order to have the perfect setup that will encourage affiliates to signup, promote and have the setup perfectly. Let us help you on that.


Few Good Active affiliates are better than thousands of inactive affiliates. And thousands of active affiliates are good enough to crack that big goal.

At MonsterClaw, we are extremely good at recruiting affiliates. We are partner with few of the largest marketers database and we can invite hundred thousand+ affiliates in about a weeks notice!


And for quality hand picked affiliate recruitment – we do this:


We know the pain of answering 100’s of phone calls everyday, thousands of support mails weekly. Different techinical situations like “tracker not working”. Or auditing commissions every month, paying affiliates, keeping a document of that.

It doesn’t end here – checking if affiliates are breaching agreement, if they are doing PPC on your brand keywords, if their contents are legit and doesn’t overpromise and so on.

Suddenly, a good affiliate stopped sending traffic – getting in touch with that affiliate, win him back and more. There is so many things that you need to manage everyday to run the affiliate campaign properly.

If you need a professional hand to manage everything efficiently, we are just a call away.

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